Light Painting and Photoshop Blog Headers

Light Painting Swirly Clown

My experimentations with light painting started in the 1980’s. I popped some color film in my 35mm that usually held the standard black and white bulk loaded rolls from the high school photography class supply. Some pals and I dashed across the state to visit Disney’s MGM Studios, now Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in Orlando. The neon lights on all the retro buildings made for interesting shots.

Those were not the greatest images, but years later, a birthday present helped create this simple image of my daughter.

Now it is a favorite image in our photo album and the inspiration for my daughter’s blog header image.

Groovy Header

Layering this and a few other images together in a Photoshop vomit pleases the fourth grader, er, ‘client’ and makes for an afternoon design session. Her blog is primarily an exploration of the retro recipes she finds in her great great grandmother’s cookbooks, so she also chose photos of one of the dishes she created, a more recent photo of herself, and one of her namesake, Julia Kiene, to blend together.

Light painting is pretty exciting in itself. Smarter Every Day demonstrates and explains how it’s done, or at least enough to get you going. This dad’s helper is wildly entertaining, too. Enjoy.