Field Trip to an Art Gallery

Jones Show SECRET SalineA troop of kids explored Jennifer J L Jones’ new show, “SECRET Saline” at Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta. When asked about the opening and artwork, we were told that, “they had good food and good snacks.”

“What about the artwork?”

“I liked most of it, but some of it had too many little dots. The little dots bother me. The music was really loud and that made everyone talk loud.”

We were delighted to host the group young patrons which included the artist’s God Daughter. Initially spooking some of the guests with a group of little kids, we believe we reset their opinions of little art critiques. No one had any one to complain about.

We hope you take your little ones to galleries and museums whenever you can and foster an appreciation of art, artists, and the community that supports the arts.

Encourage art appreciation by exploring the Teaching – Art Appreciation board at Pinterest.

Or join them while browsing the Google Art Project.

Where have you taken a kid to see art lately?

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